DIY Kitchen Compost Bin

May 30, 2017

As there are more compost bins being implemented on UW’s campus, it will be a whole lot easier to compost our food and organic waste. But what about at home? Whether you live on campus, just five minutes away, or all the way at Conestoga Mall, there is a way for you to be sustainably involved. If you are thinking we are suggesting putting a compost cow in your backyard, think again. Here is a quick and simple way to create a DIY kitchen compost bin (K., 2014):


What you need:

  • Decent-sized plastic container with a lid (ex. a big Folger’s coffee container, empty ice cream buckets, Tupperware.)

  • A drill

  • Charcoal filter at any pet store (if you are worried about the smell)

  • Compostable materials


1. Take the container, and drill or cut small holes in the lid to allow air to flow through.

2. Cut the filter to fit right under the lid. This will prevent odours from sneaking out of the container and into your kitchen.

3. Compost away!

4. After the bin is full, you can then transfer the compost to a nearby composting location or your own bigger compost bin.


A few tips:

  1. If you want to create your own backyard or apartment compost bin, you must try to maintain a balance of 50% greens and 50% browns. “Green” material may include fruits and vegetables scrap, coffee grinds, tea bags and fresh grass clippings. “Brown” material can include dry leaves, straw, woodchips, paper or shredded newspaper. Drill holes on all four sides, then lift and shake to mix your compost.

  2. Break down your compost into small pieces to speed up the compost process.

  3. DO NOT compost meat, fish, dairy products, cat and dog waste, and anything with pesticides. While these materials may be compostable in general, they are not suitable for DIY composting.


Having your own compost bin is very convenient in terms of accessibility and being environmentally friendly. Even just purchasing your own bin is a great way to incorporate sustainable practices in your everyday routine. Happy composting, and stay tuned for our next monthly blog post!






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