Composting on Vacation

June 24, 2017

You are relaxing somewhere nice and calm: at the beach, in a cottage, at an amusement park. Anywhere but Waterloo, studying for your midterms.

With you, you have a water cooler with drinks, some trail mix, and an apple because you knew that you'd get hungry, but, at the same time, you wanted to enjoy the peace around you.

So you eat you trail mix and your apple. All you are left with is the apple's core, and an empty plastic bag.

You stare at the core.


Normally, you would just throw away your leftovers at one of the compost bin locations at school or in your DIY compost bin you have at home. But you're nowhere near school right now (thank the Lord)!

Should you just toss it in the nearest garbage bin? No, you decide. Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean you have to be less green. You are determined to stay green!


You get an idea. You place the core into your empty trail mix bag, tie it up tight, and place it in your cooler. You freeze the bagged apple core when you get back to your accommodations.

You do this with all of your other compostable leftovers during your vacation. On the last day, you place the frozen bagged leftovers in your cooler for the ride back home.

You're pretty proud of yourself. The frozen food scraps still look fresh, and they don’t smell! Once you're home, you'll be able to compost your leftovers just as you did before going on vacation!


Now, if only you were this determined to study. :'(

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UWCC aims to promote a campus-wide composting service at UW from diverting organics from the regional landfill, as well as raising awareness of zero-waste practices.

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