A Different Type of Composting

October 26, 2017

The typical household composting operation consists of placing the leftover waste from human consumption in composting containers, and waiting for the organics to decompose to create a nutritiously enriched soil to aid in gardening.


However, what if I told you that leftover human food isn’t the only thing that can be composted? Many may find it disgusting, but a process dubbed “humanure” can be used to turn human feces waste, into safe compost.


So how does it work? According to the “Humanure Handbook”, you need a composting toilet, a compost bin, and cover material. Just like regular composting, you place the organics from the composting toilet in the bin, cover it to mask any smells, and stir it occasionally. It will take a year for the humanure to become usable compost (Jenkins, 2017), therefore it is important to be consistent with the process so that compost is available all year round.




So why should you consider doing this? Humanure composting reduces water use, and gives free compost material for your garden! Coupled with regular composting, you will never have a shortage of nutritious soil for your plants.


Interested in learning more? Visit:




Jenkins, J. (2017). Humanure Headquarters. Retrieved October 23, 2017, from http://humanurehandbook.com/

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